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Treehouse Bungalow

Treehouse Bungalows at Amoravida with its sheer resort-styled luxury homes are the truest exemplary of architectural style. Nestled in the lap of nature and wrapped in the bundle of greenery, this iconic sculptural edifice creates a sense of solace through magical transitional spaces - artful courtyards, generous plazas, shaded glens, play areas and pavilions. Inspiration drawn from the cushy breezeways in the environment, the rich culture of Goa is impeccably reflected in every vertical of the Treehouse Bungalow. A home away from home surrounded by the many moods of nature, changing colors of landscapes, flora and fauna.

  • 3BHK
  • 1.26 Acres of Residential Project
  • 75%
    Open Spaces
  • Exclusively
    Treehouse Bungalows
Treehouse Bungalow

About Amoravida, Goa

Treehouse Bungalow at Amoravida, a distinct cluster dwelling amidst the spontaneity of nature. An exclusive cocoon that is set beside the cool river waters where one gets the opportunity to embrace the nature yet have access to world. With its artistic interiors and state-of-the-art amenities, you get the opportunity to experience sheer exclusiveness! Amoravida’s Treehouse Bungalow is a home away from home, which renders a great opportunity to you as an investor that you would never want to miss in Goa.

The Floor Plan

Meticulously designed luxury duplexes at Amoravida ensures spaciousness on both lower and upper floor of the seven buildings. The Treehouse Bungalow proffers your requisite for privacy & exclusivity for life.

Location Advantages

Amoravida is easily accessible from Goa’s best restaurants, beaches, supermarkets, and cultural centres. Amoravida brings everything within your reach allowing you to experience the exclusivity of life without compromising on time.

Price List

3 BHK 3,561 9,500 3.38 cr
3 BHK 3,672 9,500 3.48 Cr
TreeHouse Bungalow